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Harold M Ballard is a Texas Registered Professional Land Surveyor residing in the community of Cottondale, Wise County, Texas.

Harold has worked in the field of surveying since 1982, and through years of experiences, Harold has collected a rich profile as reflects a broad spectrum regarding the practice of surveying. 

By the same token, his experience is supported in a literary and technical equivalence through years of devoted self learning, and formal education.

Harold has attended the same 14 week school where the National Geodetic Survey trained their staff in Virginia, 1983, attended Tarrant County College, Associates, 1982, received formal surveying education at Tarrant County College, 1987, attended Texas Christian University while focusing on the social and environmental impact of urban growth, 1992, and refined at Ashford University with Bachelors in Organizational Management, 2010.

Additionally, Harold has enthusiastically read many books about surveying and the practice thereof, attends continuing education seminars, and is currently working on a survey autobiography.

In due course of his daily life, Harold carries his experiences with a conviction of human morality and affection for fairness. In a nutshell, just doing the right thing.

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